Origin Message

The management of KEYHAN SANAT GHAEM company to realize the ideals, is focused on human resources a systematic view as two important factors affecting the promotion of quality and customer satisfaction. this important point is possible by using quality managment systems efficiently therefore all activiteis of organization are planed and executed based on iso/ts 16949:2002.

Our quality policy that reflects the strategy, ensuring the continuity and development of the organization’s quality system is expressed in terms of the following:

1. Development of a quality culture through training and motivating staff

2- Customer satisfaction is our top priority objectives and we efforts to raise the level of satisfaction and the provision of customer requirements with reduce costs and price on time delivery  and increase the quality efforts

3. Continuous improvement process and achieve zero defects in all areas benefiting from effective quality management system, to improve the quality of our products in the organization.

4. Entering international markets and export development is our objectives that we achieve it by establishing appropriate mechanisms and effective use of international standards

5. continuous evaluation and implementation the objectives identified in the context of a quality policy for the purpose of improving the quality

6. Collaboration with authorities of the various processes to determine strategies

KEYYHAN SANAT GHAEM company quality policy is updated with feedback from the implementation of the objectives and management review meetings,  to produce a product with best quality.

Chairman of the Board

Mojtaba Hosseinzadeh